Jul 4, 2011

someone once said i don't have any feelings, well i think that emotions can be misleading

lauantaisesta pridesta mulla ei valitettavasti ole kuvia! jätin kameran kotiin, kun vähän pelotti että rikon sen. oli kyllä kaikin tavoin varmaan paras päivä koko kesänä!
ps lähden mallorcalle perjantaina ja en ole varma postailenko ennen sitä, mutta ainakin palatessani kirjoittelen matkasta!

unfortunately i don't have any photos from saturday's helsinki pride! i left my camera home, because i was scared i might break it. but it was probably the best day of this summer in every way!
ps i'm going to mallorca on friday and i'm not sure if i'll post before that, but i'll at least post about the trip when i'm back!






jarno, you are handsome!

jarno and me!


me, nepu and antero :-)

jarno wanted to make a cigbong or something?

antero and me danced some tango! caramba!

"we should take a photo where we're like YAYY and jarno is behind us looking sad cause we have so much fun!"



kawaiidesuneko~~~ the chinese restaurant was actually a coincidence! well, works with my kawaiipeacelook!

a mcdonald's food photo is a must!


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